Continuous belt sealing machine/double heat sealing

            YUPACK Continuous band sealing machine/double heat sealerDescription                                                        

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            YUPACK Continuous band sealing machine/double heat sealer


     Continuous band sealing machine/double heat sealer with double heating is designed for a thick bag or M-type packaging bags. The machine uses double-sided heating principle and a code ribbon technology. It is especially suitable for relatively thickbags. This machine has a better sealing effect and it is more practical than others. It can be widely used in food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, medical equipment and other industries.

Continuous Band Sealing Machine/Double Heat Sealer

Product Specification                                                                                  








Sealing Width


Sealing Speed

21 m/min

Printing Type

Ribbon code

Conveyor Table size


 High temperature fabric specifications


Machine size


Net Weight



1.Hot printer        
2.Air suction system
3.double heater  
4.Stainless steel

Product Features                                                                                             

1.The working table would be working for about 15 minutes(adjustable) when all the switches turned off.

2.Double-sided heating principle

3.Continuous heating system:Infinite sealing length

4.Self-adjusting pressure system:suitable for sealing any type and thickness of the bag

5.High quality temperature controller:Keep sealing graceful

6.Adjustable working speed:useful for assembling line with high efficiency

7.Working cycle counter included

8. Advanced Stamp Ribbon Printing :1 or 2 lines available ;carve a seal printer to make the printing clealy

9.Double heater option is used with the thicker or M shape bag

Product Details                                                                                            

Continuous Band Sealing Machine/Double Heat Sealer

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Continuous Band Sealing Machine/Double Heat Sealer

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