High-speed automatic fully enclosed horizontal double-sided sealing shrink packaging machine

 Model GH-6030AFSF-15040EPower6kw30kwPower supply AC 380/220V 3PH 50/60Hz AC 380/220V 3PH 50/60Hz Max. Packing Size L×W×H600mm<=W+H<=1250mm,L(unlimited )2500×1000×250mm Tunnel Size  L×W×H/3000×1500×400mm Horizontal Blade Length1300mm/Air Temperature 300ºC300&or

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Model GH-6030AFSF-15040E
Power supply AC 380/220V 3PH 50/60Hz AC 380/220V 3PH 50/60Hz
Max. Packing Size L×W×H600mm<=W+H<=1250mm,
L(unlimited )
Tunnel Size  L×W×H/3000×1500×400mm
Horizontal Blade Length1300mm/
Air Temperature 300ºC300ºC
Table Height 825±25mm825±25mm
Packing Speed15m/min.0~18m/min.
Extra Air Source 6-8kg/cm2/
Shrink  FilmPEPE
Machine Size L×W×H2380×1800×1780mm5000×1850×1850mm
Packing Size L×W×H2430×1850×1930mm5050×1900×2000mm
G./N. Weight 1600/1500kgs1950/1800kgs
  1. GH-6030AF Fully-auto Horizontal Double Side Sealer which is developed for special big items adopts advanced high speed double-side sealing technology. It has up & down single film rollers. The film is in sync with the items. While the items are going forward, the side sealing system starts to seal and cut the up & down film that keeps good sealing;
  2. Continuous sealing & cutting and no limits of the item length make it particularly suitable for longer, wider and heavy products' fully-closed packaging with PE film, such as doors, furniture, ladders, mattresses and other heavy and oversized objects;
  3. The waste film can be winded automatically for easily clean-up;
  4. Side sealing lines can be adjusted to the desired position which based on the product's height in order to achieve excellent sealing strength results;
  5. For 0.04 ~ 0.18mm thickness PE shrink film;
  6. Input & output conveyors and colored film positioning function can be added as per customer demand;
  7. Humanized touch smart operation interface is convenient for the operator to use;
  8. Siemens PLC program controller achieves the integrations of mechanism, electricity and pneumatic;
  9. Imported photo sensors to detect the horizontal and vertical section to satisfy different products' packaging;
  10. Assorted shrink tunnel SF-15040E uses imported double air circulation motors, so that the hot air in the oven can spread more evenly to get a good shrink effect;
  11. PE high strength film is suitable for long distance transportation and frequent handling that can avoid damage and keep away from moisture.
Sealer PartsBrandCountry
Sensor BannerUSA
Solid RelayFotekTaiwan
Side Blade CylinderFestoGermany
Solenoid ValveAirTACTaiwan
Gear MotorDung LeeTaiwan
Servo controllerSchneiderFrance
Servo motorSchneiderFrance
Film MotorHaitecItaly
Intermediate RelaySIEMENSGermany
Temperature Control ModuleSiemensGermany
Time ModuleSiemensGermany
Electrical BreakerSchneiderFrance
Tunnel PartsBrandCountry
Solid RelayAoleTaiwan
Gear MotorGPGTaiwan
Intermediate RelaySIEMENSGermany
Temperature ControllerAutonicsKorea
Electrical BreakerSchneiderFrance
Frequency inverterSchneiderFrance
All SwitchesSIEMENSGermany
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